Digital tRanformation in jOurnalism and NewS media

DRONES Project consists of extending and developing the skills and competences of young people (18-30 years old) especially in the field of technology aiming to improve DRONE Technology education through innovative online tools and methods but also firsthand experiences with DRONE experts in the partner countries.

Increase Your Skills

Influence and expand the skills of adults, educators, trainers and the education systems around the countries


Youth initiatives and job opportunities using DRONEs Technology connect young people with DRONE Experts, journalists, bloggers or other professionals who use DRONES in their professional careers


Promotion of Digital Transformation and DRONE Technology through online tools and methods

What we want to achieve

What we want to achieve

As young people are the main users of advanced technology there is a need to increase the awareness of youth and develop their skills in using unmanned aerial vehicles such as the DRONES in order to increase their knowledge in media, journalism and their active participation in their societies in general.

  • Promotion of Digital Transformation and DRONE Technology.

  • Use of DRONES as a new way of work.

  • Youth initiatives and job opportunities.

  • Teach and train young people to use drones.

  • DRONES to transform media and new labour market opportunities.

  • DRONES to become more widespread and technically able.

  • New digital skills and transformation for journalists and media in general.

  • Transnational cooperation using DRONES -Innovation and entrepreneurship.

  • Influence and expand the skills.